Forgotten Tragedy: The Story of the St Francis Dam is the first Documentary Film to tell the tragic story of the worst man-made disaster of 20th Century America: the catastrophic failure of the St. Francis Dam in the hills outside of Los Angeles on March 12, 1928.  This film features newly-discovered footage that has not been seen in 90 years: a stunning look back at the immediate aftermath of the disaster. 


Unfortunately, in the 90 years since the failure, this tragedy has been largely forgotten on a all but a local level.  On a national and state level the memory has been almost entirely washed away.  Only the affected communities have kept the story alive.


Forgotten Tragedy: The Story of the St Francis Dam takes viewers on a journey through the rise of of William Mulholland, a man whose legend was synonymous with the mystique of Los Angeles in its early days of growth and success.  Follow along as both Los Angeles, and Mulholland tackle larger and larger solutions to the city's ever-persistent water concerns: solutions that lead ultimately to the building of The St Francis Dam, a wall of steel and concrete capable of holding 12.6 Billion gallons of water, enough for the city for a year.  The failure of this mammoth structure would devastate two counties, kill hundreds, change the course of civil engineering, and end the career of a giant.

Please join us in taking this journey through a series of events that deserve to be remembered.

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Total Runtime: 74 minutes
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